Ethiopia - Programmes

GHE programmes target the following segments of the community as primary beneficiary:

  • Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVCs)
  • Youth
  • Women


It is widely believed that one of the root causes of poverty in Africa is the low level of education. Even among those who are enrolled in school, many drop out due to lack of basic educational needs such as school uniform, stationary and the need to support their poor families. Furthermore, most children especially those who lost either or both of their parents, do not get the support they need on their studies. In fact, in most cases the carers are not educated themselves or are busy struggling to sustain their family.

With the objective of alleviating these problems and helping children go to school and become successful, Give Hope Ethiopia provides:

  1. Tutorial Support: The children have received tutorial support three days a week. This is conducted by a group of seven volunteers, including one from oversees, who helped the children in areas of English language, Maths, arts, social studies and others. The volunteers also played the role of mentors checking the pupils’ workbooks and advising and counselling in every aspect of the children’s life. All of the volunteers have a degree from recognized universities in and outside of the country.
  2. School Uniforms and Stationery to all of the children enrolled in the programme. Children were also provided with exercise books and writing materials and school bags.
  3. School fees
  4. Facilitation of educational/recreational trips


The health support includes providing regular health check on a quarterly basis by Ethiopian and foreign health professionals. The doctors also made prescriptions based on the diagnosis and some children have received medical treatment. Children will also receive medical treatment at different health service giving institutions for chronic and acute illness including private clinics and hospitals.


Give Hope Ethiopia in consideration of children who cannot learn properly unless they are provided with enough food, support carers of children or families by providing nutritional ration on a monthly basis. Additional nutritional support which includes meat, milk, fruits and vegetables is provided based on the special need of the children especially in the case of children recovering from chronic sickness such as tuberculosis and/or living with HIV/AIDS.

Women Empowerment Through Saving And Credit And Income Generating Activities (IGAs)

Give Hope Ethiopia Women Saving, Credit and Income Generation Project aims at working in organizing women self-help groups in its operational areas to encourage saving, facilitate credit as well as helping beneficiaries engage in both small scale and medium level income generating activities (IGAs) both at individual and group levels, respectively. The project aims at addressing specific economic and social problems such as:

  • Women’s lack of access to micro-finance
  • Women’s lack of knowhow on how to start and/or expand income generating activities (IGAs)
  • Women’s inability to pay for the children’s school and meet their family’s basic needs
  • Women’s lack of self-confidence and poor self-esteem on matters affecting their lives both at home and in the community
  • Women’s exposure to domestic violence 


With the collaboration with Woreda and Microfinance offices, GHE facilitate the training of women on benefits of saving and credit, different income generating options, formation of saving and credit schemes, skills of leadership, basic accounting, project appraisal and follow up, loan disbursement and collection skills, etc for leaders of each group.

Experience Sharing Visits

GHE facilitates opportunity for experience sharing visits with other successful self-help groups, which creates motivation among women.

Provision of Match-Funding

GHE provides match-funding for each woman according to the amount of money she manages to save on a weekly basis. It coordinates with banks to facilitate opening of saving account and provide legal coverage. This empowers the women as well as the groups to take full ownership of the schemes.

Youth Empowerment

Life-skills Training

GHE provides life-skills training to high-school and university girl students on a range of topics including

  • Study and communication skills
  • Reproductive health
  • Assertiveness

Vocational Skills Training

After completion of 10th grade, students who are not able to or interested in pursing the academic stream are given the opportunity to participate in vocational skills training as per their interest. Areas include:

  • Food Preparation
  • Wood and metal work
  • Hairdressing
  • Operating sewing machine and making clothes

HIV/Aids Prevention, Care And Support

GHE has finalized preparation to start up HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support project in Legetafo Legedadi, Oromia region. The prevention works target daily labourers at construction sites, factory workers and high-school students. The care and support is for people living with HIV/AIDS and their children.